1220, 2400 Series

When the tracker reaches minimum or maximum soft limits it will not track.

The soft limits are designed as a final fail safe should the physical limits switches fail. If reached, this will require human intervention before allowing the tracker to move. They should be configured as follows:

Soft Minimum – Should be set at least 2 degrees below the physical Minimum Limit Switch travel. That will allow for any inaccuracy introduced during the day to allow the movement reach the physical switch.

Alarm Code

1220 Series: 5

2400 Series: 105

Soft Maximum – Should be set at least 2 degrees above the physical Maximum Solar angle seen annually. Example: the maximum azimuth angle on a tracking system is 272 degrees. The Soft Maximum should be set to 280 degrees.

Alarm Code

1220 Series: 6

2400 Series: 106

Procedure to Release

  1. If the position of the tracker is fairly accurate then change the soft limit value slightly to bring the tracker out of alarm. Decide whether this new value is safe and retain it to prevent future interruptions or return the soft limit to its original value once the unit is tracking again.
  2. If the position (Pv) is not accurate then force the position to within the soft limits and re-calibrate.