Alarm Codes

by | May 23, 2019 | QSG-Group, Trouble Shooting 2 Axis-Group

Control Versions: 1220.2.875.0, 1220.4.875.0, 2032.404.0

Alarm codes are found at the bottom of each axis at the bottom of the Control screen.

1-Auto Disabled – Local Switch

2-Hold-No Simultaneous Motor Runs

3-Encountered Physical Max LS

4-Encountered Physical Min LS

5-Encountered Soft Max Limit

6-Encountered Soft Min Limit

7-Motor Reversal Timer Hold

8-Motor Run Timer Hold

9-Max & Min Limit Switches are ON

10-Master Enable OFF

11-In Safety Stow

12-Reboot Notice

13-Wind Exceeded High Limit

14-Wind Exceeded High-High Limit

18-Hall Fail


If using Toolkit, open Tab A OUT in Test I/O for the following registers.

  • AY10 – AlarmCode_AL for Altitude-Tilt Axis
  • AY11 – AlarmCode_AZ for Azimuth Axis