After entering commands or data no changes appear in my screen.

GRIDview auto refresh

Check Screen Refresh

GV menu

Check Logs

The cause most often is the screen is no longer updating. Refreshing through your browser or check the refresh button near the lower left of your screen.

From the Menu choose View / Log. See if there is any¬†reports of “Stale” data then this is due to a slow internet connection at the user or the device. It could take several minute to update. What happens is that GRIDview is set to time out all commands after a configured time to prevent accidental movement of equipment if there is a long disconnection.¬† See solution below.


Change Persistance Settings

With Admin previliges, go to:

Menu / Device / Settings

Increase Write Window value in increase persistance. Disabling is not reccomended as commands can stay in affect for months.