Sunset Stow Position

If you wish to have the Tracker go to a predefined position at sunset, enter the position in degrees.

Caution: Entering 0 (zero) will cause the tracker to stay in last position at sunset.

If you wish to utilize Auto Cal at each sunrise do not enter a value that would prevent the Tracker from making the minimum travel limit switches. See setting that would disable Auto Cal below. Disregard I/O Tag Names beginning with AZI for Single Axis or Parabolic Trough.

  • ALT01_STOW
  • AZI01_STOW

Settings that Disable Auto Cal

  1. Entering a Zero in AZI01_STOW or ALT01_STOW which causes the tracker to remain in place at night. In the morning the tracker will probably go to a value higher that the Minimum Limit Switch.
  2. Entering a value higher than the Minimum Limit Switch position in AZI01_STOW or ALT01_STOW which causes the tracker to  go to a position that never encounters the switch.
  3. Entering a Minimum Soft Limit that prevents encountering the Minimum Limit Switch.


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