Station Status Module Shows Offline

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Trouble Shooting Grid Connect-Group, Trouble Shooting Networks-Group

2400 Series with Remote I/O

A. Check if there is a Scan Enable Flag is TRUE  ie. enablePollDI_01 (2400 Series)

B. Check Ethernet cable for damage or bad RJ45. (Replace if necessary)

C. See that activity light is blinking on the remote I/O Ethernet port. If not blinking it is an indication Modbus transfers are not set up correctly or a bad Ethernet cable.

D. In Toolkit check Modbus Transfers

  • Correct Station No.
  • Correct IP address of remote I/O

E. If any changes to the Modbus Transfers are made, then the Station Status Module has to be opened and re-configured:

Configure / I/O Modules / Configure Station Status Module / Discrete Tags / Feature (drop down)