Calibration 1 Axis (1060) – Cloud

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Calibration 1060 Series-Group

Tracker Version 1060 using IPWebControl Cloud


  1.  Log on to your Web Control Account here.
  2. In the dash board, select the Tracker IPm you wish to set up and make certain it is ONLINE. If not check that you have plugged your CAT5 Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the top right and not the RS232 port on the left. (Common mistake). Also note that it may take a few minutes to come online after plugging in the Cat5 cable.
  3. Go to the “Calibration / Control” page (as shown to the left).

 There are 2 methods of Calibration for 1X controllers: Sun and digital Level


Calibrate by Sun (solar observation)


  1. It is best to do this between 10:00 and 2:00 local time.
  2. Put the controller in AUTO and allow tracking.
  3. Enter an ALTITUDE CORRECTION up to 2 decimal places (+/-)
  4. Enable AUTO-CAL (the array should move).
  5. Through observation make adjustments to corrections until On Sun.
  6. The tracker should be moving with the Sun during this process.
  7. When completed put the controller in Manual by un-clicking AUTO.
  8. Move the tracker EAST until it reaches the Min. Limit Switch.
  9. The ALTITUDE CORRECTION value should become (zero).
  10. The Limit Switch is now calibrated and should automatically re-calibrate the tracker each morning.
  11. Put the tracker in AUTO and allow to track the Sun.
  12. If off Sun, enter an ALTITUDE CORRECTION to correct.
  13. It is optional whether to manually run back to the Limit Switch as this will be complete automatically the following day during the normal process.

Calibration by Digital Level


  1. This can be done at any time during the day.
  2. Place to controller in Manual by un-clicking AUTO
  3. Disable AUTO-CAL.
  4. Move the tracker until array is flat (pointing towards Zenith). 
  5. Take a level reading (which should be approximately zero)
  6. If the reading is slightly to the East subtract from 90 (ie 2.5 deg = 78.5 deg)
  7. If slightly to the West, add to 90  (ie. 1.74 deg = 91.74 deg)
  8. Enter the resultant value into FORCE PV POSITION.
  9. After  a minute the Pv POSITION should reflect the new value and FORCE PV POSITION should return to -99.00 
  10. Move the tracker EAST until it reaches the Min. Limit Switch.
  11. Observe the Pv POSITION value when the tracker stops.
  12. Allow a few minutes for the final Pv POSITION to update to the Cloud.
  13. Go to the ALT SetUp page.
  14. Enter the Pv POSITION value into the LIMIT SWITCH ZERO field.   
  15. This manually calibrates the Limit Switch and should automatically re-calibrate the tracker each morning. 
  16. Put the controller in AUTO and allow tracking.