Soft Motor Controls Testing

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Uncategorized

When the controller is first received or GRIDview is not available for configuration use this instruction for initial soft motor controls testing using Toolkit.

In Test I/O open tab D IN  follow these settings:

  1. X20 masterEnable ON
  2. X20 Track OFF
  3. X21 Stow OFF
  4. X53 enable2Motors ON (allow 2 motors to run simultaneously)
  5. X65 disableManualSW ON (See Note A)

To Test the Altitude or Tilt motor follow these settings:

  1.  X26 softManual_AL ON
  2. X27 motorRunSoft_01 ON (to run Up – East)
  3. X28 motorRevSoft_01 ON (to run Down – West)

To Test the Azimuth motor follow these settings: 

  1. X30 softManual_AZ ON
  2. X31 motorRunSoft_02 ON (to run East)
  3. X32 motorRevSoft_02 ON (to run West)



    Note: This disables the requirement that a local manual switch be wired to Terminal 5 (register X8)
    For safety reasons  this will return to OFF within 5 minutes by default.
    This time can be increased to up to 240 minutes max. by modifying register AX40 disableManSWtime in tab A IN.