Switch Motor Control Testing

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When the controller is first received or GRIDview is not available for configuration use this instruction for on-board motor control switch testing using Toolkit.

In Test I/O open tab D IN  follow these settings:

  1. X20 masterEnable ON
  2. X20 Track OFF
  3. X21 Stow OFF
  4. X53 enable2Motors ON (allow 2 motors to run simultaneously)
  5. X65 disableManualSW OFF (See Note A)

To Test the Altitude or Tilt motor follow these settings:

Caution do not apply external power to any of the Analog In Terminals

See Note B for output time delay.

Wire a Switch or use a jumper wire alone to test from either terminals 26, 17 or the positive (+) side of the power supply used to power the controller to following terminals to test each motor:

  1. Terminal 11 (AI5) to move the Altitude or Tilts motor Up-West.
  2.  Terminal 41 (AI6) to move the Altitude or Tilts motor Down-East. 
  3. Terminal 12 (AI7) to move the Azimuth motor West.
  4. Terminal 42 (AI8) to move the Azimuth motor East.




      Note A: 

If the Auto/Manual switch is wired to terminal 9 then it should be  in the Open position.

    Toggling from OFF to On will set  Track to ON so confirm it is OFF
      Note B: 

The controller has a built in (configurable in both directions) delay of 1-5 seconds. This delays the LEDs while testing and actual motor run.

See tab A IN

  • AX24 motorRevPause
  • AX25 motorRunPause