ESAT Enhanced Single Axis Tracking

by | Dec 9, 2016 | 1 Axis Configuration-Group


1 Axis Controller

ESAT Enhanced Single Axis Tracking

The Tracker IPm incorporates an ESAT algorithm to provide high accuracy throughout the day. Some controllers use the SPA Azimuth only for tracking which achieves good results at noon but not early and late in the day.

For example, in the morning the sun’s Zenith Angle may be 80 deg.  or  10 deg.  elevation. (90-80) Because it is Winter, the Azimuth may be 140 deg. which translates to 50 deg. elevation. (90 – (180-140))  This is a 40 degree error. Tracker IPm calculates elevation in the morning, then transitions into Azimuth and then back into elevation in the late afternoon. For this reason we always refer to the single axis position in terms of elevation (0 deg, through 180 deg.) even though Azimuth is part of the calculation.


ESAT is enabled by default but can be disabled in Toolkit by Toggling DO Y151