Simple Wireless WiFi Bridge

by | Oct 25, 2020 | Accessories Wiring-Group, Accessories-Group, Networking-Group

The SunSpot WiFi┬áSimple Wireless Bridge kit makes connecting field devices simple and you don’t have to be a wireless network specialist to use it. Connect your trackers to the Internet effortlessly and get all the benefits of remote monitoring.

Network bridge

There are no antennas to contend with because the antenna is housed in the radio itself, simply point it towards the opposite radios. Distances can conservatively be up to 1000 feet (longer distances available) with one or more Clients. The SunSpot WiFi is industrial and designed for outdoor use and can be mounted to a 1/2in. conduit to 2.5 in. pipe or use the window mounting kit. There are other bracketing types available.

Proven in Arizona’s 120F summers and Montana’s -20C winters without a single failure, SunSpot is low cost without any reduction in performance. The kit comes with the radios preconfigured and a rugged outdoor carrier class Ethernet cable.

WiFi network POE

The Access Point connects to your Local Area Network and is set up to receive an IP address automatically. If you have a restricted network typical in large companies which requires an IT department intervention, we provide instructions to IT Managers for MAC Address resolution and security information.

Contact us for large scale WiFi networks for solar fields.