Show Network Adapter Settings

by | Aug 25, 2017 | Networking-Group, Trouble Shooting Networks-Group

When your device will not connect using DHCP and IT is not available to help, here is an easy way to determine what network you are connecting to.



If your controller is set for DHCP and will not connect, use a lap top to interrogate the network and get the network settings. First make sure  the lap top network card is set to DHCP


If your controller was given a static IP, then change the lap top network card to the same static settings.

Remove the Ethernet CAT5E/6 cable from your controller and plug into the Ethernet port on your laptop.

Click the Start button and type cmd in the search box.



  1. There maybe several devices shown. Find the Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection
  2. The physical address is the MAC Address*
  3. Confirms DHCP is enabled
  4. The IP Address assigned by the router or gateway.
  5. This confirms the gateway and the 1st 3 octets indicate your network. In this example 10.252.242__
  • If IT is assigning an IP to the MAC address, then give them the MAC address of the laptop to confirm the network is configured correctly for this test.