This information is important for the accuracy of the tracking system. If you do not know the location’s Latitude, Longitude and elevation, then any GPS device including an automobile GPS  can give you what you need.

Find your Latitude & Longitude by City

Select Tab F IN

See Figure below. Squared entries indicate “Required Information”

  • SPA_ELEV Elevation in meters (zero for sea level)
  • SPA_LATITUDE Latitude in decimals
  • SPA_LONGITUDE Longitude in decimals
  • SPA_PAVG Average local pressure in millibars (ie 1013 at sea level)
  • SPA_REFRACT Atmospheric refraction at sunrise and sunset (usually 1)
  • SPA_ROTATION Surface azimuth rotation (usually zero)
  • SPA_Slope Surface slope measured from horizontal (usually zero)
  • SPA_TAVG Average local temperature (ie 30 deg C)
  • SPA_TD Not required
  • SPA_TZ Not required

High light the I/O Value you wish to change, type in the new number. Enter

If your latitude is below 23 1/2 deg. N then see:   Considerations for Latitudes between 23 ½ N and 23 ½ S

Next Step: Set Limits and Operational Parameters