Install Toolkit

  1. You will be sent a project file (Next_Gen_V3060_x.6PJ ) and a registration file (TRACKER CONTROL RegData..6rg) by email when the Tracker IPm is shipped.  The names may be slightly different depending if you have some customization but the suffix should be the same as shown.
  2. Save both files in an accessible folder on your PC. The best location would be C:/Program Files/SixnetTools/Projects
  3. If you do not have Sixnet Toolkit running on your PC, down load the I/O Tool Kit software by clicking the button and install it per the instructions. Do not run the software yet.

Run Toolkit  

Go to the folder where you placed the 6pj Project File and click on it to open.

Install Registration

File / Import / Registration Info…

Go to the folder where you placed the registration file. Select the file then Open / OK / Close pop-up

Your registration is complete.

Windows Issues

Note any Windows issues found when loading Tool Kit contact Sixnet Tech Support

USA, Canada & International: +1-877-432-9908 press the option for support

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