Field Installation Calibration

by | Aug 27, 2019 | 2400 Wiring Diagram-Group

Once the panel and tracker have been installed, the tracker will need to be calibrated. Please follow the steps below to calibrate.

Open up GRIDview to the page that contains all available listed trackers.

  1. Check that the limit switch is installed. This is a crucial part of the test as it is the safest way to protect the equipment and safety of installers.
  2. Check the orientation of the panel. Force the Pv (Present Value) to roughly 5° west of where the panel is pointing.This will allow the panel to move to the minimum limit switch uninterrupted by soft limits.
  3. From GV, manually move the panel east. While the panel is moving, flick the minimum limit switch – first the slave – and then the  master. They both should turn off for a short period, then turn back on. This insures that the minimum limit switch is working and if installed correctly will stop the motor. 
  4. Once the panels travel to the minimum limit, the switch should calibrate the position to the set-point of the limit switch placement. (This is done on the RTU page) The tracker can now be put into auto and should now move to the SP.




    • Note A: 

If the master is east of the slave, the correction is to remove the Amphenol connection to the slave, move the master so that it is west of the slave, then remake the connection to the slave, and restart the movement to the east. This will allow the slave to make contact with the limit switch before the master, in which case they can then be moved from the same starting location.