Tracker IPm (except for Brushless motor applications) are generally shipped from the factory with Sourcing as the default setting. This is the common setting for brush motors. For some brushless motor controls digital inputs must be Sinking so here is how you make the change. In the device configuration:

Open Toolkit


















Save the settings and download to the controller.

The software part is completed, now you must change the hardware.

Power down the Tracker IPm

  • Grasp the Tracker IPm module on the Top and Bottom as shown in Fig 1.
  • Squeeze the 2 tabs labeled “PRESS” firmly and pull out the module.
  • Pull the module out. It requires a bit of strength to do this.


  • The back plate is hinged at the bottom and will drop forward as in Fig 2.





  • Locate the 3 pin jumper and move the jumper to the right 2 pins DC+ as in Fig 3.


Base prior to June 1 2013






New base after June 1 2013 is slightly different having analog input dip switch settings but the DC Input jumpers are the same.

New Jumper







  • Close the back plate.
  • Insert the module “firmly” until you hear the latches click.
  • Return the Tracker IPm to service.