Whether you are controlling a large array Grid-Connected Solar Field or a single tracker,the Tracker IPm is a Universal Controller is a powerful solution capable of controlling all types of trackers accurately and dependably. Affordable enough for small installations yet scalable to control thousands of trackers over a wide area. If you are looking for replacements for now obsolete controllers, this is the ideal solution. The Tracker IPm is built on a high-speed industrial Linux-based controller which provides a wide array of I/O types for use on any type of mechanical drive and includes the networking communications to tie together large systems.


  • ┬áSingle or dual axis tracking
  • Photo Voltaic, Concentrated PV, Thermal and Reflective.
  • Back tracking.
  • Embedded NREL’s SPA Solar Position Algorithm
  • Wind protection algorithm adjusts position or moves it to a predetermined safe position.
  • 2 mechanical limit switch inputs per axis to prevent over travel.
  • 2 programmable soft limits to limit over travel and provide redundancy.
  • PID Temperature Control algorithm which can adjust positioning to maintain a maximum temperature set point.
  • Auto Calibration feature re calibrates the tracker each morning.
  • Selectable alternating motor run reduces power supply amperage rating.
  • Extreme Environment Operating Capabilities (-40 to 70C)
  • With IPmWebControl you can monitor, deploy software and firmware updates remotely over the Internet securely
  • 32 bit power-PC enables tracking accuracy better than 0.1 degree (motor type & feedback determine final accuracy).
  • Monitor and data log Modbus enabled inverters.
  • Use inverter feedback for tracking optimization.
  • Fully Environmentally & Electrically certified for world wide deployment
  • Connect seamlessly with all major HMI/SCADA software (including Wonderware, Intellution, Citect, Allen Bradley).
  • Data Logging, Alarming & Messaging
  • Cellular & 900MHz wireless networking versions
  • Expanded Program Capabilities

    The Tracker IPm can go beyond simple tracking. Any ancillary process you need can be programmed in the controller. We can develop any program for you for a small fee.

    Embedded NREL’s SPA Solar Position Algorithm to drive the control logic. The goal of this product is to provide a solution that does more than simple solar tracking.

    I/O Input – Output

    • 12 Digital Inputs
    • 4 Digital Outputs (10-30VDC 1 Amp/channel)
    • 8 Analog (4-20mA) Inputs
    • 2 Analog (4-20mA) Outputs – Optional
    • 1 RS232 – 1 RS485 – 1 Ethernet 10/100
    • Full TCP/IP functionality on board.