The Tracker IPm is designed for use in industrial environments and is flexible enough to interface seamlessly to all Tracker control systems. This user manual covers the aspects of hardware installation and maintenance for the VT-IPm2m- 113 SPA. For software features and capabilities please refer to the Help system in the  I/O Tool Kit software.

You should already have received your registration & software package by email from IC Systems support.
Following these steps will make installation and start-up easier.

  1. Wiring Diagrams 
  2. Power Supply Sizing
  3. PC Set Up
  4. Connecting to the Tracker IPm
  5. Set Operating Parameters – Position Feedback
  6. Set Location Parameters
  7. Set Operational Limits
  8. Set Sunset Storage Position
  9. Calibration
  10. Auto Calibration
  11. Manual Control & Calibration